Audio Plugin Deals

Most audio plugin developers have their own web shops where you can buy their plugins. This is great but that is not always where you find the best prices. If you are looking for the best price, check out these sites that often have better prices and great deals on VST and AU plugins:


If you know any more sites with great deals on audi plugins let us know. We are happy to add them here. You can tell us via the contact page.

Most plugin developers offer trial or demo verions of their plugins. That way you can download and install and test with your own music without the risk of spending money on a plugin that doesn’t work with your system or does not sound the way you hope it does. We recommend that you never buy a plugin without trying the demo version first. Before spending any money. That way you know it is going to work with your system and that it lives up to your expectations.

The plugin demo versions can usually be found on the developer’s site. That is usually also where you can buy the plugin. But, to get the best price for a plugin and pay as little as possible you should look for other places to buy them. Unless you are happy to pay a bit more and support the developer who would earn some more money from a sale on their site rather than from a sale at an online retailer. Since the plugins are digital and usually sold as a download or a license that unlocks the full software - it doesn’t matter where you buy it, as long as it is a reputable online retailer where you don’t risk to lose any money. Check their terms, conditions and what their customer satisfaction policy is.